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    During our office hours we are pleased to give informal verbal auction estimates and advice. Clients who are not able to visit our premises or who would like preliminary estimates of the object which is not portable are requested to send photos by surface mail or E-Mail ( If possible, please include further information like artist, technique, dimensions, medium, details of signature, condition and any other relevant information. In case of an estate or a collection of larger art objects preliminary evaluation visits can also be arranged if required.

    In addition, we offer you our competent assessment of your objects in insurance and inheritance cases.

    Commission rates

    All sellers pay a commission rate for lots which are sold. A commission of 25% of the hammer price plus VAT of the commission rate is payable up to and including € 200 and 20% plus VAT of the commission rate on any amount in excess of € 200. In the case of no sales, no commission will be charged.

    Service charge

    € 12 net for the inclusion of each object in the print catalog including a compulsory photo in the online catalog.


    The Illustration costs are graduated depending size (between € 40 net to € 170 net).

    Artist´s Resale Right

    If Copyright (resale rights) is asserted (original works of fine art since 1900 till today) must be paid in accordance with § 26 copyright law. The customer, on whose behalf it is been resold, is committed to the refund. This right of resale is staggered by the proceeds of the sale and is between 0,25% to 4%. This VAT-free fee does not apply at costs less than 400 €.


    Smaller objects can be picked up immediately during a visit and taken to the auctionhouse. This saves transportation costs. In case of transport larger deliveries, inheritances and dissolution of collections, we arrange transports on request.


    We take over the insurance of the delivered/consigned items against damage due to burglary, fire, water, storm and force majeure for the duration of the auction and the time during the After Sale.  Please refer to our terms and condition.


    We are pleased to advise you on questions of restoration and provide you with competent partners.


    Approximately six weeks after the auction you will receive your settlement statement together with a collection-only check subject of payment from the buyer. Bank transfer is carried out on request.

    Expert days

    Several times a year we organize expert days on our premises and in various cities in Germany. No matter, whether items from a collection, attic or basement finds, our experts inform competently about the value and current price prospects for the art market.

    So, we offer you the opportunity to present our experts art objects and antiques to the free estimation. If you want to participate, we ask in advance to account by phone: +49 (0) 2 61 – 9 14 37 51  or email:

    On request we gladly offer selected items in our auctions.

    Appointments 2023:

    Name hitherto unknown

    Scheduling the appointments

    To avoid long waiting times, please make an appointment in advance.

    Participation Conditions:

    Generally, everyone can participate in our expert days. However, for organisational reasons, a written registration is necessary (by email: or by surface mail).
    To provide you with precise information about the current value of your art objects and antiques, we need in advance reasonable photos, which you can send us together with your written registration by email or surface mail.  (Note: photos will not be returned. We ask for your understanding). Also, it is very helpful for our experts to get as much backround information regarding the objects (e.g.: artist, technique, dimensions, provenance, fabrication marks …).

    Tips to take significant photos:

    Take the photos during daylight hours and avoid shots with flash because of the surface reflections.
    We need an overleaf view of the objects (e.g.: front and back of a painting)
    Please examine the objects for any stamps, fabrication marks, artist signatures and make close-ups
    Important Information:

    Participation of the expert day and the related first appraisal is of course free of charge. You decide to auction off then one or more objects in our house, we charge appropriate costs, please refer to our terms and conditions. Estimations on the basis of photos will be up to the view of the original , only with reservation. We grant no estimation for objects that are not offered in our auction house. The requests are processed by us only with full name, address and telephone number/email. ENGEL Fine Art Auctions can in no way for the estimations that have been made on the basis of this service, be held legally responsible.

    For more information, please contact:
    +49 (0) 2 61 – 9 14 37 51