ENGEL Fine art auctioneers at the BUGA | Juni 2011

Art & antiques between flower beds and the electoral residence

E N G E L Fine art auctioneers as event partner of the Federal Horticultural Show 2011 in Koblenz. As an Auction house, we offered art and antique owners the opportunity to find out more about their treasures and sanctuaries as part of a two-hour program in June 2011.

Even in the run-up to the event, interest in the event was so great that we had to limit ourselves to a certain number of participants. A wide variety of objects were presented to us across epochs and genres…from the Meissen vase to the silver sugar bowl to the Russian icon. In addition to the art-historical classification, one thing was of course of great interest to the owners and viewers: are the mostly long-cherished family treasures really art or junk? Fortunately, we only had to disappoint a few owners, so that overall, the joy about the newly acquired background information and the sometimes-surprising values ​​of the objects outweighed the negative.

Although we organize expert days in various cities in Germany several times a year, this form of appraising art and antiques with an audience presented us with completely new challenges. The positive feedback from event participants and spectators was even more gratifying.

The media interest exceeded our expectations. Special thanks go to SWR team for the small but excellent contribution that was broadcast in July2011 as part of the program “Das ist BUGA!”.