Exhibition Bernd Scheid | September 2017

Bernd Scheid (*1948) „Shadow“ 2006
Bernd Scheid (*1948) „Shadow“ 2006

Within the framework of our 30 years of coperate jubilee, we were able to win over the painter and sculptor Bernd Scheid for an exhibition.

The 1948 in Dresden born Scheid is one of the most important painters of the expressive abstract Art. His works are a perfect interweaving of abstract and figurative elements. In addition the picturesque work, Scheid also devotes himself to installations and sculptures of biomorphic structures made of wood with lead inclusions.

Antique “Téchne” in its broad and profound sense directs Scheid’s imagination. For him everything evolves from the “Physical”, which is itself the origin of nature in the sense of the famous philosophical theorem “Art never invades nature.” The appearance of truth in itself is sought, not the production of a work of art. Art is perceived as knowledge. At the same time Scheid believes in the effectiveness of the spirit in Art. Important factors always remain funny and irony.

Bernd Scheid (*1948) „Blaues Segel“ 2005
Bernd Scheid in his studio
in the studio