Visit by students of the University of Trier | May 2018

Students of art history at the University of Trier visit ENGEL Fine Art Auctions

Due to the great interest, we again invited students of art history, this time from the University of Trier, to discussion panel on May 12, 2018 on our business premises.

The following topics were on the agenda:

  • Welcome and introductory words by Wolfgang Engel and introduction of the individual participants
  • Presentation on the work processes in the auction house (including organizational structure, areas of work)
  • Presentation of professional opportunities in the auction business
  • Application of laws and statutory ordinances in the auction business (e.g. BGB, HGB, trade regulations, auctioneer ordinance – VerstV, UWG, UrhG)
  • Description and evaluation of items intended for auction based on the items provided by the auction house
  • Final question and answer session and farewell